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Welcome to JGWLG! This is a blog designed to help you ladies meet other people in the LGBTQ family, near or far! This is also a place where I give advice, so dont hesitate to come to me with your concerns (I am discrete, private replies only). So take a look, follow, and SUBMIT YOUR BEAUTIFUL FACE! :3


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Hi, I’m Madi :)

HannahBeth, 20, Georgia, I just like people, man.
Looking for new friends.  Message me about something you’re passionate about! xx

Lisa.19 almost 20. ny. pansexual.

Hey guys! I’m Sophie, I’m 21 and I’m single. I live the uk. I’m a lesbian who becomes more gay everyday! Come talk to me if you’d like :)

Kik : Sophieccdd

Hey! I’m Delaney. I’m 15 and I currently live in Arizona. I’m femme, even though I wear mostly band shirts, haha. My favorite genre of music is metal. Really into Chelsea Grin. Obsessed with Supernatural. Come message me. I need new people!


kik: delxneyydg

hiii i’m danielle! i’m 16 and currently living in georgia. also, i’m a lesbian.
I love all kinds of music, especially j-pop, k-pop, post-hardcore and alternative! I’m very friendly and open to talk to anyone. (-:

Enrica. 24. Europe.

Kik : LaEnrica

Message me (;

Nicole, 22, Ky | lesbian, single since birth :(

I’m looking for new friends and a girlfriend would also be nice (femme girls are a plus)

I recently graduated from college and I’m trying to figure out what I should do with the rest of my life. I love singing, writing (I have a million ideas in my head, but none of them ever actually get written, I need a freaking ghost writer), reading, musicals, YAOI, and gay and/or foreign movies.

Currently obsessed with korean dramas and kpop. If I do anything before I die, I want to visit South Korea.

I also have interests in: anime, kpop, cosplaying (never done it, but I want to) and traveling.

Come say and talk to me, life is so boring.

Sheila. 15. Canada. Pretty sure I’m gay xD I like playing the piano and guitar, and I definitely love playing video games and longboarding :) Come and talk to me if you’d like ^-^

Hey y’all my name is Jessica 24 hairdresser and. I love to read dance travel and do stuff spontaneous I am a hopeless romantic and I love to put a smile on anyone’s face I love animals and to workout

Julia. 21. NorCal/Las Vegas. Single. Slightly Corgi obsessed. Forensic Anthropology Student and Athlete. I dig long car rides and adventures to anywhere. Let’s get to know each other ladies :)

IG: Jewbear27

Hey, i’m Pascale, 17, Canada

Come say hello :) 

kik: pascalefg