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Welcome to JGWLG! This is a blog designed to help you ladies meet other people in the LGBTQ family, near or far! This is also a place where I give advice, so dont hesitate to come to me with your concerns (I am discrete, private replies only). So take a look, follow, and SUBMIT YOUR BEAUTIFUL FACE! :3


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Caroline-16-pansexual-Rhode island I’m femme, and I really like girls! Hoping to meet someone special near me! I like OiTNB, BBC Sherlock, the hobbit movies, Star Wars, Marvel movies, and comedies. Pop music is my life. Message me of you’re bored or snapchat: anxietyerection

Hey :) San Diego. 22. Send me a message/find me here: & instagram: katherine_gra

Hello :) I’m Tillie, bisexual, seventeen and from the south of England. I love Lord of the Rings, Game of Thrones and Disney and I’m currently in training to be a make-up artist. I love making new friends(or something more) but I’m kind of shy so you’ll have to say hi first!

You can call me Delaney or Lane, whichever works! 16, Michigan, Bisexual. Come say hi sometime :)


Mariya, 21, Brooklyn, Queer.

Let’s be friends?

Zoe, 19, New Zealand
Come chat (:

Annissa, 21, California, bisexual

I’m pretty chill, love soccer, reading, music, the usual. I’m always down to chat so shoot me a message! I don’t bite, I promise. :)

Kayla, 19, Georgia

Ask me questions, tell me things, get to know me, whateverrr.

Hi I’m Devin, come chat with me?

I’m Marisa
I’m 18
Living in Schaumburg
Looking for a relationship
Text me at my text free number
1847- 861-7301

Faye, 18, Wisconsin, Pansexual. 

Just a shy girl from the dairy state looking for new people to talk to. :) I dig cats, drawing, music, and reading. Get to know me :)

If I May

Request the universe to send my way,
A woman of culture and taste.
A partner that astounds my sight,
Magnificent in grace.
She’ll enjoy the rhythmic tunes of music,
And indulge in the sounds of nature around us.
Hands will hold onto another,
Fingers interlaced as two souls become one on this journey.
If I may, endeavor in a love with her, pure like fresh fallen snow.
Sit together in the frosty cold, finding wonder in all its beauty.
Perhaps watch her dance, a ballerina amongst the cascading flakes.
The smile I will adore, the one alone that my heart will roar.
It’s triumphant glee, to have finally found a diamond such as she.
To no other shall this soul seek, when lost and admist a sea of defeat.
Will it yearn evermore for the supple taste of the sweetest love yet to be found?


Kate, 22, Hawai’i, Lesbian o.o

I’m nicole, lesbian, 19 from england. come say hi 😘 or on twitter @thecolek

Kira, 18, Pennsylvania, Lesbian. I love to horseback ride and play guitar. Come talk to me! :) x