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Welcome to JGWLG! This is a blog designed to help you ladies meet other people in the LGBTQ family, near or far! This is also a place where I give advice, so dont hesitate to come to me with your concerns (I am discrete, private replies only). So take a look, follow, and SUBMIT YOUR BEAUTIFUL FACE! :3


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Hey. :) I’m Iva. Gay. 18 years old, from Croatia, Europe. Sometimes nerdy, sometimes not. The girl who’s into mysteries, puzzles, crime. Drawing. Music.

Come say hi :)

Morgan, 20, North-East of England

Cursing enthusiast, wine and tea are my drinks of choice. I love talking to new people so come say hi!

Meghan. 22. UNCW Grad. Thriving in the Raleigh/Durham, NC area.

Always looking for new blogs to queue from & new people to talk to! Message me & I’ll check out your face, I mean page :)

Courtney 18 New York. I play drums for a pop punk band called Rec Dept. I also enjoy singing, girls, guitar, girls, music, and did I mention.. girls <3 easy goin, i love talking :-) deff wanna make new friends, get to know me! PA, 18, bi.

Cate, 20, Asia, Lesbian

Looking for girlfriend. Being single sucks

Talk to me, let’s be friend

Cassidy | 17 | Colorado | Lesbian

I need more friends, so you should come say hi c:

Melissa, 17, New york, Lebian. Looking for someone to talk to!

On theeee left :)

Anaya / 16 / Lesbian / Georgia / Single / Lets me friends!! 



Kik: lacefront

Hey! The names Keira…I am 20 years young and  I currently live in New York but in about a week i’m packing up and moving to California. Im looking for some friends around there, or really anywhere. You should let me get to know you.