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Welcome to JGWLG! This is a blog designed to help you ladies meet other people in the LGBTQ family, near or far! This is also a place where I give advice, so dont hesitate to come to me with your concerns (I am discrete, private replies only). So take a look, follow, and SUBMIT YOUR BEAUTIFUL FACE! :3


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I like books. oversized hoodies and kisses


I heard some of you ladies are getting shitty messages from other lgbt people judging your sexuality, and I’m so sorry to hear that.

If you have a problem please let me know!

And for the dickheads who are going around judging people.. Are you fucking kidding me? LGBTQIA people are judged enough as it is by society, we definitely dont need it from other people in the community. Don’t believe in pansexuality? Don’t agree with bisexuality? NO ONE CARES. FUCK OFF.


Sarah. 19. I’m sure you can guess which one I am…

Torie. 20. Atlanta. Super Queer. Super Single. Huge Dork. Drop by and start a conversation with me.

Hi I’m Hima and I’m 18 years old going on 19! I thought I’d give this a try to look for someone. I’m a Gemini and a writer who loves people for their personalities rather than genitals. I live in southern California and a cosplayer in many different fandoms. My Tumblr is I love music and writing, hit me up a message !

Hi my names Ilissa (18) and I’m from California (SoCal). I just became open with my sexuality and would love to build friendships with other girls bc I’m basically the only lesbian I know(: Feel free to message me anytime!

Kik: ilissa7229

Nikole. 18. Cali. Totally Lesbian. Im looking for any and all kinds of relationships, so talk to me <33 (:

Hi, I’m Emma. 16. Wisconsin. Get to know me. :)

Hey I’m Holly! I’m an 18 year old lesbian from Rhode Island. I’m into yoga, jogging, reading, and anything adventurous! I’m a vegan and a spiritualist. Follow my new blog, colorsofthe-windd, and I’ll follow back! I’m looking for friends and maybe more :)

Hey ladies! I’m Abigail! I like chinese food and cuddling :) don’t be afraid to come come say hi!

Kasey. 16. North Carolina. Pansexual. Single. I bake and paint way to much. Come say hey!

My Kik: PikaGirl1224 - My Tumblr: panromanticpanda - My Instagram: panromanticpanda
Nicole. 17. New York. Single. Panromantic Asexual.
* Interests: Drawing, Music, Photography, Poetry, Science, Video Games, Writing.
* Favorite Music: Carpenters, The Beatles, The Byrds, The Chiffons, David Bowie, The Doors, The Hollies, Janis Ian, The Mamas And The Papas, The Police, Queen, The Shirelles, The Yardbirds, The Zombies, and probably just about any music from the 50s-70s.
* Favorite TV Shows: How I Met Your Mother, Friends, The Big Bang Theory.
* Favorite Books: To Kill A Mockingbird, Fahrenheit 451, Tuesdays With Morrie.
* Additional Information: I don’t drink, smoke, or do drugs and I don’t plan on engaging in any of those activities ever. I’m introverted, and I have anxiety, but if you appreciate my horrible sense of humor, then I’ll probably be able to seem like a normal and fully functional human being. I’m a really nice person (or at least I’d like to think so.) I like making other people happy, and their happiness contributes to mine.

artist, mermaid, music freak.  talk to me 

Hey Im liz. Come stop by my blog, I love meeting new people and I follow back!