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Welcome to JGWLG! This is a blog designed to help you ladies meet other people in the LGBTQ family, near or far! This is also a place where I give advice, so dont hesitate to come to me with your concerns (I am discrete, private replies only). So take a look, follow, and SUBMIT YOUR BEAUTIFUL FACE! :3


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Hello! (: I’m Nicole, I’m 17 years old, from New York, and I’m panromantic asexual. I don’t drink, smoke, or do drugs, but no worries, I promise I’m not going to judge you if you do choose to do any of those things! I’m introverted, and I have anxiety, but if you appreciate my horrible sense of humor, then I’ll probably seem like a normal and fully functional human being. I’m a really nice person (or at least I’d like to think so.) I spend most of my time listening to music [Music from the 50s-70s, to be specific], but I also enjoy writing [Mainly poetry]. I also like photography, drawing, and video games. I honestly don’t read too often, and I hate watching TV. 
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Hey my name is Ashley, but people call me Fynn.

Im 16 and from the bae area in cali.

follow me on ig: infynnity_ or kik me: starwars_ftw if youre in the area and want tot chill :)

Hey, my name is Caroline, I’m 18 and I’m from the Dominican Republic. Lesbian.
I’d like to meet new people so we can talk :)
Come say hi

Hailey, 18, Boston.  A rock ‘n’ roll lesbian.

Cheyenne is the name. 19 years young. From the the state of Ohio. Single Lesbian. Pretty Chill.

Kennedy, but I go by K/Kenny, 16. Lesbian since the day I was born 

I like having intellectual conversations with people. Slam poetry is probably my favorite thing in the world and I love meeting other people who share the same passion. I’m always looking for new friends because I really like people. Come and say hi, I promise you I won’t bore you to death.

Alyssa, 25, lesbian, CA. Looking for new friends!

Ana, 18, Miami, Lesbian

I’m a tiny skater girl, love soccer, punk, vintage shit, and going fast.

Tara. 28. California. Single. I like girls.

Alanna. 20 y/o. College Student. Shy. Single. Florida. Bisexual. Biracial. Tattooed. Pierced. Southern Belle.

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Instagram: lanabug94

Snapchat: lala_dioxn12

Kik: laladixon12

Tamara, 17, Ireland and bi 

Come chat to me.. i wont bite i swear hehe x 


So my name is Siri and I am a 16 year old veterinary technician apprentice! I’m like 95% sure I’m a cat, I like to wear bells and crop tops, and anything black! I make weird noises and bat at things that dangle! I love cuddling tall people, because I happen to be very munchkin like (5ft). Lately I’ve been a tad lonely so I’m looking for people in Wisconsin to hang out with. Come talk to me :3 I’m very flirty and what not.

melisa//15// nebraska. come talk to me princess (-: